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WELCOME to the Omnis Health Embrace Better Care Program. Regular testing of your diabetes is critical to maintaining proper glucose levels and, in turn, to enjoying a better quality of life with diabetes. That’s the goal of the Embrace Better Care Program – to be proactive in providing the critical information you need to help you take better care of your diabetes. Best of all, it’s FREE!



As a member of the Embrace Better Care Program you will receive:

The EmbraceIt Mobile App

It’s the easiest way to Embrace Better Care! The app provides push notifications with diabetes education information, regular testing reminders, even money-saving coupons from your favorite pharmacy. Download Now on the iTunes and Google Play stores.

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EmbraceIt Mobile App

Educational Information

Enjoy easy access to important information to help you eat right, exercise, better understand your glucose levels, and more.


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Money-Saving Coupons

Don’t let the cost of test strips keep you from testing. While Embrace® brand test strips are already among the lowest cost strips on the market, we’ll provide you with money-saving coupons on Embrace brand products and other diabetes management products.




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Product Information

Critical information to make sure you achieve the most accurate results. Access instructional videos, product manuals, quick start guides, FAQs and more valuable information about all of our Embrace® Blood Glucose Monitoring Systems.


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